4 Steps to Create Margin for One More

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When C.T. Studd decided to become a missionary, he said: “I know that [the game] would not last, and honour would not last, and nothing in this world would last, but it was worthwhile living for the world to come.”

Here at Journey Church, we believe our own glory is too small a thing to live for. This is why we’ve been walking through The One series–and why we’re challenging you this Sunday, March 25th, to commit to giving more generously so that together we can reach the next one.

We also encourage you to work through these four questions to help you think through how you might give to support The One Initiative.

What can I DEFER?

What if by cancelling cable, you were able to give to see the J127 ministry strengthened and more children brought home to forever families?

What if by going to Starbucks once a week instead of once a day, you were able to find the margin in your budget to become a First-Time Giver?

What can I DELAY?

What if by delaying that home upgrade you’ve been saving for, you were able to give to see the JourneyKids ministry grow and more children be baptized in our next Baptism service?

What if by downgrading your plans for your summer vacation this year from a cruise to a road trip, you were able to find the margin in your budget to mature from a First-Time Giver to a Consistent Giver?

What can I DO more of?

What if, as you spring clean and simplify your home, you were to sell extra items you no longer need so you could give to fund a teen’s trip to summer camp (and create margin in your garage)?

What if by cooking at home instead of eating out several nights a week/month, you were able to find the margin in your budget to increase your giving this year by just one percentage?

What can I DONATE?

What if by giving your tax refund this year, you were able to give to see the one far from God but close to you brought into the Kingdom?

What if by selling stock, you were able to mature from a Tither to a Generous Giver?

Join Us…

Fill out your Commitment Card and bring your first offering this Sunday, March 25th, which is also Baptism Sunday! Come celebrate with us the ones who are being baptized and how we as a church are coming together to commit to the next one. Let’s live generous lives with one vision: so that we can see every man, woman, and child in our geography have multiple opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the gospel.