Who We Are
Who We Are

Your Story Counseling is a ministry that partners with Journey Church to provide care for both Journey partners and the surrounding community. Your Story seeks to empower those who struggle with addiction, depression, anxiety, family concerns, and more. Your Story is centered on helping individuals build and execute solutions that ultimately lead to their joy and His glory.

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Meet Our Team

Brooke Williams, MS, LPC, LPC/S

Clinical Director
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Crystal McCall, MS, LPC/A

Program Coordinator
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Amber Johnson, MS, LPC

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Patricia Moura, MS, LPC/A

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Abigail Davol, BS

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Chris Kinney

Managing Partner
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What are your qualifications?

All counselors at Your Story have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling or a related field from an accredited university. All staff counselors are licensed or pursuing licensure from the appropriate state board.

Your Story Counseling believes in the importance of training the next generation of counselors, and we see ourselves as a clinical training center. Because of this, we often have master’s level graduate students who have completed their coursework requirements and are in the internship phase of their program, working towards their terminal counseling degree. These graduate students may be observing or facilitating a session or group. If you are to be a part of their educational experience, we would make that clear to you – and you always have the choice not to be involved with an intern at all.

Your counselor will provide you with an informed consent document prior to or during your initial session that will give specific details regarding their individual education, background, and specialties. All of our staff counselors and graduate students are under clinical supervision and consultation under Brooke Williams, who is independently licensed by the State of South Carolina as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPCS).

Please note: As counselors, we are unable to provide prescriptions for medication or emotional support animals, but we can refer you to a psychiatrist or MD if necessary and/or requested.

What is the difference between Clinical counseling and Christian counseling?

Our educational backgrounds and experiences are as mental health clinicians, and each of us are trained – and continue to be trained – in the most recent evidence-based practices in order to treat mental health disorders, relational problems, and emotional issues.

In addition, all of the counselors at Your Story are Christians and bring to the counseling room our Christian worldview and guiding principles. That being said, as your counselor, it is not our role within your sessions to proselytize you and attempt to make you believe what we do.

We believe that your faith is an important piece of the “whole” of life, but we allow you to lead the way on those conversations. It will always be up to you whether prayer, Scripture, and other direct Christian references will come into the counseling room, and we will follow your lead.

That being said, we would say that clinical counseling is the way that we are trained, but Christian counseling is the lens through which we view our clients.

What if I don’t attend Journey Church?

We welcome anyone, whether they attend Journey Church, are a part of another congregation, or don’t attend church at all.

What if I’m not a Christian?

You do not have to be a Christian to receive support from our counselors. In fact, many of our clients are not Christians and do not profess to follow Jesus.

Our desire is to meet you exactly where you are – whether that means you are angry or ambivalent toward God or growing into a new and powerful stage of your faith – and walk alongside you through all of the ups and downs of this particular time in your life.

Who do you serve?

Our counselors serve couples and individual adults and adolescents.

Your Story Counseling is not a crisis center and is not equipped for 24/7 emergency care. If you have a history of hospitalizations or are currently at risk of harming yourself or others, we may refer you to a more appropriate level of care.

How do I get started?

To get started with us, please call us at 843-900-1346 or send an email to [email protected].

We often have appointments available within the week, and we will work to get you scheduled as soon as possible.

We do not provide walk-ins or same-day appointments but can provide referrals to agencies that have these options if necessary.

How long will I work with a counselor?

This is a very individual question and depends on the reason you are coming to therapy. As a general rule, most clients see us weekly for at least 6 weeks, but often longer than that. At 6 weeks, we are able to re-evaluate the length and frequency of appointments.

Do you offer evening and weekend appointments?

Evening and weekend availability is based on each clinician’s current caseload and schedule. Please contact us for our current scheduling availability.

What are your rates?

Your first appointment will cost $125. After that, couples appointments are $100, and individual appointments are $80. If your appointment needs to be extended past a 60-minute session, extensions are $25 for 30-minute increments. At this time, we do not take insurance.

Please contact us if finances are the reason that you are not pursuing counseling. When clinically appropriate, we can often be flexible with the frequency of sessions to ease the financial burden. At times, we also may have scholarships available to those proving financial need.

As a client, you have the right to request a “Good Faith Estimate” at any point while you are receiving services from us that will provide an estimate of long-term costs.

How can I support Your Story?

There are three ways that you can support us.

  • Pray for our staff and the families that we walk alongside, and the emotional burdens that we carry for those in our community.
  • Refer any friends or family members who are looking for a counselor to us.
  • Consider supporting us financially. All contributions help us provide scholarships directly to adults, children, and families in our community that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford counseling services.