Share Hope Challenges

Our mission this year is simple: to share hope where you live, learn, work, and play. Are you up for the challenge?

Mission Challenges

Each month you can share hope with these simple but meaningful challenges!


Share hope by using one of your skills! If you love baking, take a neighbor some homemade cookies! If you are great with kids, offer to hang out with a single mom’s kids so she can run some errands! You could also write your neighbor an encouraging note and let them know you’re praying for them. The options are endless!


This month’s challenge is easy to complete on your next lunch break or date night! While out to eat, ask your server how you can pray for them, and then tip 50-100%!


Register now for Church has Left the Building, where instead of having Sunday services, we’ll come together to serve our community in several exciting ways! We’ll meet together at the church at 9AM, gather into teams, and then travel to different sites to do things like plant flowers at local schools, complete yard work for a single mom, and put together care packages. Then we’ll gather back at Journey for a food truck lunch together! Kids are invited too! Registration is required, so sign up now!


Share hope with a friend or neighbor! This month, share a meal with someone close to you but far from God! Invite them into your home, meet them at a restaurant, or grab a meal together during your lunch break.


This month’s mission challenge can be over family dinner tonight! Share your Jesus story with your family and how He has given you hope!


Invite someone close to you but far from God to do something fun with you! You can invite more friends or family too and take a trip to the beach, picnic in the sunshine, attend a sporting event, or do something else outdoorsy you’re already looking forward to this summer!


This month surprise your one, the someone you’re praying for who is close to you but far from God, with coffee and/or donuts just because!


This month’s mission challenge is an opportunity to serve together with your Journey family! Come help new CSU students move in on August 19th! If you can’t make it that day, find someone who you can invite to church with you this month!


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