What is GROW?

Journey Church is committed to every man, woman, and child having multiple opportunities to see, hear, and respond to the gospel. To accomplish this, we develop and deploy disciples who take responsibility for where they live, learn, work, and play.

Since learning to effectively study God’s word is crucial to developing as a disciple, we will focus in 2019 on four distinct ways that everyone can deepen their study of the Bible. The first way is simple. Read it! So we are asking everyone to read completely through the Gospel of John and buy a commentary before the end of June.

Our Recommendations:

When you have finished…

Once you have finished reading John and bought your commentary, please come to the GROW sign at either campus and write one thing that you learned or stood out the most to you on a piece of green paper. Then roll up your paper and place into the R to commemorate your completion and what God has taught you through your engagement with His Word.

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GROW Resources

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GROW Card Three
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What are you asking me to do?

Read through the Gospel of John and purchase a commentary by June 30th. To signify completion and celebrate what God has taught you through your reading, please write down one word to summarize what you’ve learned on the green slips of paper and slip it into the “G” and “R” of the GROW sign during any Sunday’s service.

Just read it? Or SOAP it?

For now, just read it! And use your commentary to help you learn. If you’d like to start SOAPing through the Gospel of John, go for it! But that might take you longer than three months, so we’re asking that you make sure to read it fully.

Is there a schedule I can follow?

The Gospel of John has 21 chapters.  If you read a chapter a day, it would take you less than a month! There are about 75 sections of John (using the ESV breaks). If you averaged going through 4-7 sections each week with your Quiet Time, you would finish in ~20 weeks.