Give the Gift of Financial Support to a Single Mom

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Think about your budget right now. What is your monthly income? Take 60 percent of that income and throw it out. Now, with the 40 percent left, figure out how to pay all your bills, feed your kids, and put gas in your car… And don’t forget all those last-minute kid expenses!

How is it looking? Does it seem possible? Feeling a little stressed? Facing issues like paying your electric bill or buy groceries? Oh, and your daughter’s tennis shoes also have holes in them… And your son went through a growth spurt last month…

Anyone else starting to feel their anxiety level rise? Or just thinking that it’s impossibleMost single moms experience a 60% drop in their income when they become a single mom. So, the next time you see a single mom struggling to figure out how to make ends meet or how to buy groceries, try and picture yourself in their shoes:

  • 50% of single mothers have an income of $25,000 or less.
  • Only one third of single mothers receive child support, an average of $300 per month.
  • Two out of five single mothers are poverty-stricken, at triple the poverty rate for the rest of the population.

“Single Mother Statistics – Single Mother Guide.” Single Mother Guide. N.p., 23 Mar. 2012. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.

There are many great programs out there, such as Maia Moms, that support and advocate for single moms. And those are great places if you’re looking to donate some money to support single moms. The sudden loss of income and trying to re-structure life is overwhelming. You can help the mom by offering to get information, help her research different options out there for assistance.

One thing lots of moms need is mentorship in home and financial decisions. After you have established a trusting relationship with a mom, you can become a financial mentor to her. Having a friend or couple who is willing to sit down with her and help her see the big picture and offer her advice is a blessing.

The mom must be willing and seeking this type of support before you can truly offer her this support. Feel free to share tips and tricks of budgeting. Just being willing to be a sounding board for a mom to come to you with a financial decision she is facing can be helpful. Most of us need to talk out loud to figure out what we need to do. Single moms don’t have someone to talk through these decisions.

If you are ever looking for a way to offset some of a single mom’s financial burden or give her a little bit of breathing room, gift cards are always a huge blessing.

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