Give the Gift of Assistance to a Single Mom

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Most single moms are busy. They are juggling raising kids, working, and household responsibilities. They are playing the role of both mom and dad. they are homemaker and bread winner. A large majority of single moms work two-to-three jobs. And a lot of them are also going back to school. Time is a precious gift. And household tasks are quick to go on the backburner.

Lending a helping hand is a wonderful (and practical) gift. A single mom’s life is non-stop between juggling work/home life balance by herself. Asking for help is hard for everyone, and is sometimes especially hard for a single mom in fear of being a burden. Some chores, such as lawn care and home repairs, are big needs for a single mom, and the help is greatly appreciated. Some ideas to help, on a regular basis, would be:

  • Help with Laundry
  • Routinely mow her lawn/landscaping
  • Home repairs
  • House cleaning
  • Pick up some extra groceries and toiletries to gift them
  • Cook a meal
  • Oil change
  • Offer to grocery shop for them
  • Free babysitting
  • Help organize or de-clutter areas of their home
  • Ask her about any specific needs she may have

A single mom will probably depend on your word more than others you may reach out to; be sure to deliver what you promise.