How do I connect into a DNA group?
Connect into a DNA group by clicking the button above!
Why 2-4 people of the same gender? Why can’t we keep growing?
DNA groups are intended to be a safe place for honest vulnerability, so keeping groups small helps everyone feel free to open up!
Where do DNA groups meet?
Where you meet is completely up to your group. Groups can meet in homes, over coffee, or over a meal. Meeting in a public place may be a great opportunity to be on display for a watching world, but groups must be careful not to allow their environment to hinder the quality of the time.
How long do DNA groups meet?
Typically groups meet for one hour, spending 30 minutes in devotion reading Scripture, 20 minutes in accountability, and 10 minutes in prayer.
Can our DNA group choose to do a Bible study or read a book together?
We encourage groups that are interested in doing a Bible study or book study together to go for it but keep it separate from your Scripture study time at your DNA meeting. The best way to do a book/Bible study is to read it separately throughout the week and briefly discuss it together at your DNA meeting. But we advocate direct study of the Bible be the focus of your time spent together.