Join us on Monday, April 27th | 7:19-8pm for a time of prayer and worship with local church leaders. 41 minutes of interactive prayer each Monday, through May 18th, via Facebook Live and YouTube where we can come together to lift up the church, our city and national leaders and each other!


Food Drive

The Churches of Berkeley County are coming together for a CARE collection! These resources will be distributed to over 400 families in Berkeley County who have been identified as having critical needs. We need your help to donate, help pack and deliver food. Volunteer location: Freedom Church (1425 Cypress Gardens Road, Monck Corner). Registration required.



Missionaries in Honduras, the Pizzati family is creating opportunities to feed the people of Roatan, Honduras. Unlike some of our grocery store aisles, theirs are full, but people cannot purchase needed food because of the lack of work. Your generosity will not only feed families, but create opportunities for the gospel to be on display. They are already seeing new Bible studies start as a result of the food distribution! Join the effort to feed families and help spread the message of Jesus today by clicking the button and including "FOOD" in the memo.


Thousands of Pakistani Christians are facing severe hunger as a result of overwhelmed governmental and social agencies in the midst of COVID-19. The Cross Connecting Network (CCN) in partnership with The Association of Related Churches (ARC) has established connections with more than 1100 church leaders from every denomination and every province in Pakistan. This network has the ability to effectively distribute food quickly to those in desperate need, but are lacking the funding to do so. The "Five & Two" campaign reminds us that Jesus once took a little boy’s offering of five loaves and two fish and turned it into a feast for 5,000. Let’s do this together: give a little, share a lot, feed thousands.


Email Clay, Missions Pastor, at [email protected] for more information.