Kicking off on November 27th, our Christmas series called Advent will carry us through Christmas Day!

The word advent simply means “arrival.” Much like the season of Lent helps prepare our hearts for Easter Sunday, Advent helps prepare us to celebrate Christmas.

During Advent we are mindful of waiting in anticipation – like the early Israelites eagerly awaited the arrival of the coming Messiah, we wait for Christ to be “born anew” in our hearts this holiday season as we contemplate the miraculous gift of Jesus’ incarnation.

As post-resurrection Christians, however, our waiting isn’t for the first coming of Jesus, but for His second arrival, this time not as a baby but as a victorious, conqueror-King!

Christmas Eve Services

December 24
3PM & 5PM

Christmas Special

We will not have in-person services together on Christmas Sunday, December 25th. We do have a pre-recorded Christmas Special for you to watch that will be available on Christmas Day!