The One Initiative

Rachelle Cobb   -  

Several years ago, we raised funds during our 2020 Campaign so that in March 2016 we could purchase land off of the frontage road adjacent to 1-26, just a few miles away from our current Ladson campus building. In the 18 months since, we’ve been working toward submitting a wetland permit, which we have acquired. We have also worked toward securing a loan to build our future Ladson campus building, but we have not been able to secure a loan adequate to our growth needs.

Our current reality is that 2017 is projected to be a significant year of growth for Journey Church. We are seeing a 13% increase in attendance overall at both campuses. At Ladson alone, we are seeing a 22% increase in attendance. Our average attendance in 2016 was 553, and our average attendance in 2017 is 624.

Our Elder team has been praying about and believes that we need a growth plan to answer the current needs at both campuses.

Grescon, the current developer of Journey’s Ladson campus, has offered to build the future Ladson campus, which they would then rent to Journey Church with the option to purchase in the future. This would mean that the land we currently own would exchange hands with the developer, leaving Journey with a net investment of $100,000 in the positive. This $100,000 will greatly assist us as seed money in the upcoming Ladson building project, along with helping us address needed improvements at our Goose Creek campus, as well.


Below is a rendering of our future Journey Ladson campus, which is 25,000 square feet (compared to the current Ladson campus’ 10,000 square feet). We invite you to a Family Information Meeting on Tuesday, October 25th at the Ladson campus at 6:30pm. At this meeting, we will give more details and answer questions.